W100 Plus Piston Aviation Oil

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AeroShell Oil W100 PLUS is a new single grade oil that combine the single grade, ashless dispersant performance found in AeroShell Oils W80 and W100 and the anti-wear/anti-corrosion additives of AeroShell Oil W15W-50 Multigrade. This and W80 Plus are the oils for pilots who prefer a single grade but who also want extra protection and performance from the additive package.

The advanced additives in AeroShell Oils W100 Plus and W80 Plus provide better rust and wear protection than conventional single grades. The additives work as a protective barrier to prevent critical parts from being slowly degraded by rust or wear, especially when an aircraft sits idle. This protection helps keep the camshaft and lifters coated, reducing the likelihood of premature damage and helping operators reach TBO.


Approved SAE J-1899 SAE Grade 50 (AeroShell Oil W100 Plus)

AeroShell Oil W100 Plus already conatins, in the correct proportions, an anti-wear additive equivalent to the Lycoming additive LW 16702; thus complying with FAA Airworthiness Directive 80-04-03. Operators who use AeroShell Oil W100 Plus DO NOT need to add this Lycoming additive to the oil. AeroShell W100 Plus is qualified for use in all Continental Motors luquid cooled and air cooled aircraft piston engines.

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