Airman Knowledge Testing Supplement for Instrument Rating

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ASA FAA Airman Knowledge Testing Supplement - Instrument Pilot
This is the same book issued during the FAA Knowledge Exams at the computer testing centers. These "figures books" are exactly as printed by the FAA, with all charts reproduced in full color. This computer testing supplement is designed by the Flight Standards Service of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for use by computer testing designees (CTDs) and testing centers in the administration of airman knowledge tests in the following knowledge areas: Instrument Rating Airplane (IRA) Instrument Rating Rotorcraft/Helicopter (IRH) Instrument Rating Powered Lift (IPL) Instrument Flight Instructor Powered Lift (IPI) Instrument Rating Foreign Pilot (IFP) Instrument Flight Instructor Airplane (FII) Instrument Flight Instructor Rotorcraft/Helicopter - (FIH) Instrument Flight Instructor Airplane (added rating) (AIF) Instrument Flight Instructor Rotorcraft/Helicopter (added rating) (HIF) Ground Instructor Instrument (IGI) FAA-CT-8080-3F. Effective June 12, 2017
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