Beechcraft Baron B55

The parts on this page are applicable only to the Beechcraft Baron (BE55) airframes that are equipped with the Continental IO-470-L series engine.

Item Part Number Service Interval/Notes
Nose Gear Tire Air Hawk 5.00x5, 6-ply  
Nose Gear Inner Tube    
Main Gear Tires Air Hawk 6.50x8, 8-ply  
Main Gear Inner Tubes    
Engine Oil Filter Tempest AA48109-1 50 hrs
Engine Oil - Break-In ONLY! AeroShell 80 10-20 hrs
Engine Oil - Summer AeroShell W100 50 hrs
Engine Oil - Winter AeroShell W80 50 hrs
Engine Oil Additive - All Temperatures CamGuard Aviation Use 1.8 oz per qt of oil
Spark Plugs - Massive Electrode Tempest URHB32E (¾"-20)  
Spark Plugs - Fine Wire Tempest URHB32S (¾"-20)  
Dry Air Vacuum Pump (Overhauled) Tempest 442CW 1,300 hrs or 3 yrs
Wheel Assembly Cleveland 40-98  
Brake Assembly Cleveland 30-66  
Brake Linings/Pads Rapco RA066-04400 8 per wheel
Brake Discs Rapco RA164-02706  
Brake Rivets/Mounting Pins Rapco RA177-00300  
Brake Hydraulic Fluid AeroShell Fluid 41  
Engine Induction Air Filter Donaldson P12-8219 500 hrs, 5 cleanings, or 3 yrs
ELT Battery MERL BP-1010  
Valve Cover Gaskets (After Market)

Real Premium Gaskets RG-534857

Reusable silicone gaskets
Valve Cover Gaskets (OEM)

Continental 655528

Paper gasket with silicone bead.  One-time use only.
Sealed Lead Acid Battery Concorde  
General Purpose Grease AeroShell Grease 22 Meets MIL-PRF-81322G and supersedes MIL-G-7711
Hartzell Propeller Grease NYCO GN 3058 Required for all overhauls after 1/1/2020.
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