Piper Cherokee Warrior II

The parts on this page are applicable only to the Piper Cherokee Warrior II (PA28-161), with serial numbers 28-7716001 and up that are equipped with the Lycoming O-320-D series engine.

Nose Gear Tire Aero Trainer 5.00 x 5, 4-ply (30 psi)
Nose Gear Inner Tube 5.00 x 5
Main Gear Tires Aero Trainer 6.00 x 6, 4-ply (24 psi)
Main Gear Inner Tubes 6.00 x 6
Engine Oil Filter Tempest AA48110-2
Alternator (Overhauled)  
Spark Plugs (Massive Electrode) Tempest
Spark Plugs (Fine Wire) Tempest
Dry Air Vacuum Pump (Overhauled) Tempest 215CC
Pneumatic System (Vacuum) Air Filters Tempest ARB3-5-1, Tempest AAD9-18-1
Pneumatic System (Vacuum) Regulator (Overhauled) Tempest 2H3-12
Fuel Pump (Overhauled) 41271, 40295, LW15472, AF-15472
Brake Linings (Pads) Rapco
Brake Rotors Rapco
Brake Hydraulic Fluid AeroShell Fluid 4 or AeroShell Fluid 41
Engine Induction Air Filter Donaldson
Sealed Battery Concorde


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