100 Piston Aviation Oil

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AeroShell straight mineral oil blended from select high viscosity index base stocks. does not contain additives except for a small quantity of pourpoint depressant (which is added when improved fluidity at very low temperature is required) and an anti-oxidant.

AeroShell Oils are used primarily during break-in of most new or recently overhauled four-stroke aviation piston engines. The duration and lubrication recommendations for break-in vary, so operators should refer to the original engine manufacturer and/or overhaul facility for specific recommendations.

Approved SAE-J-1966 SAE Grade 50

SAE viscosity grade

Density @ 15 degrees C


Kinematic viscosity mm squared/s


Viscosity Index

Pourpoint degrees C

Flashpoint Cleveland Open Cup degrees C Total Acidity mgKOH/g



Copper Corrosion @100 degrees C

Ash Content


50 0.886

@100 degrees C: 19.7

@40 degrees C:230

Above 94 Below -17 Above 250 <0.1 0.48 1 0.006
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