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Vico Power-Plus: Your smart car battery power management device!

Power-Plus is a power safety device which connects to your car battery to work with any dashcam or other 12V device, continuously providing power after engine-off while parked.

Low Voltage Protection

The Vico Power-Plus will periodically auto-detect your battery voltage status, to cut-off the power if the voltage drops below the configured value (11.6/11.8/12.0/12.2/12.4V or 23.2/23.4/23.6/23.8/24/24.2/24.4/24.6V) to prevent your car battery becoming excessively discharged.

Over Temperature Protection

During summer days, your car's interior temperature can rise extremely high if you leave your car parked in direct sunlight. Over temperature operations can damage your dashcam. The Vico Power-Plus has a built-in temp sensor to cut-off power if the temperature exceeds a preselected value. (Off /50°/55°/60°/65°/70°/75°C) *(Off /122°/131°/140°/149°/158°/167°F)

Timer Protection

If you switch to Timer mode, Vico Power-Plus will cut-off power when the timer times out, based on your preselected schedule (2/6/12/24/48/72hrs).

Over Current/Surge Protection

Vico Power-Plus will detect abnormal over current status and cut-off power to prevent any damage to your dashcam or other connected devices. Additionally, Vico Power-Plus has its own 2A fuse, to provide extra protection with faulty wiring or installation.

Built-in Digital Display/Backlight LED

The backlit LED display enables you to have a clearer indication of your car's battery voltage and control of the setup, even at night. It’s easier to set the configuration with three handy control buttons and a clear LED display.

Compatible with all Brands of Dashcams

Vico Power-Plus is 100% compatible with all other VicoVation products, and it’s also compatible with other dashcams equipped with a standard 12V cigarette charger power supply.

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