EI Red Cube Fuel Flow Transducer

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The Electronics International FT-60 Red Cube Fuel Flow Transducer is for use in aircraft with engine-driven fuel pumps & horsepower ratings up to 350hp.


The Red Cube FT-60 has considerably less pressure drop than other units on the market and a blocked rotor does not effect pressure drop. Also, the overall accuracy and linearity of the Red Cube FT-60 is superior to most other flow transducers. The Red Cube FT-60's design vacates bubbles and is not nearly as susceptible to debris as other units on the market. Additionally, rotor pin to jewel clearances are matched on every unit resulting in a single K-factor for all units. Note: Installation configuration can affect the K-factor. 


The Red Cube FT-60 can be identified by its red anodized body and cube shape. 

Electrical Interface

The Red Cube FT-60 interfaces with the FP-5(L) and most other fuel flow instruments. The Red Cube FT-60 incorporates an open collector output, the same configuration as the Floscan unit.

Do not exceed 25 ft-lbs of torque when installing fittings into the transducer.  The Red Cube FT-60 should not be installed with the wires pointing down.  Install wires pointing UP.  Also, the fuel line on the outlet port should not drop down after exiting the transducer.  Both of these configurations can trap air bubbles in the transducer and cause erratic readings.  The inlet port, outlet port, and flow direction are marked on the top of the Red Cube FT-60.


  • Fitting: 1/4" female NPT
  • Fuel Flow Rate: 0.6 to 70+ gph
  • Pressure Drop: 0.5 psi at 28 gph / 2.0 psi at 56 gph
  • K-Factor: 68,000 pulses per gallon.  Use "680" when programming the K-Factor in the FP-5(L).
  • Burst Pressure: 4,000 psi minimum
  • Recommended Max Working Pressure: 1,000 psi
  • Temperature Range: -65C to +125C
  • Weight: 5.26 oz
  • Life Limit: 10,000 hrs minimum
  • FAA PMA and STC
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